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Hello, dear animal lovers! We are a great encyclopedia about dogs and cats. We tell you about the breeds, keeping, and nutrition.

Glad to share with you the most helpful information about our lesser brothers. From our visitors, we are waiting for reviews about the breed, food, and pictures of their favorite pets! Your opinion is very important for other visitors and us to the site.

This resource will be interesting for beginners, dog breeders, cat lovers or people, who only dream of having a faithful friend. Especially for this purpose was created convenient service to search for the right breed. You may also be interested in pet food reviews and online pet stores.

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Our mission

The Pet Food Assistant is a project dedicated to our pets, which aims to help people with questions, starting from choosing and buying a pet.

The project aims to give owners knowledge about cat and dog food and the opportunity to make informed choices when purchasing ready-made diets and provide a convenient tool for informed recommendations to veterinarians, pet store specialists, and breeders.

The articles and materials of the site were created with the participation of dog and cat breeders, veterinary experts, and experienced owners. Our goal is to provide our visitors with reliable information in a convenient format and accessible language.

Our team

About us

Klyuiev Anton

Editor-in-Chief and CEO

Worked as a purchasing manager in an extensive network of veterinary clinics “Zoodoctor” for four years. I studied the composition of animal dietary and physiological foods, received recommendations from veterinarians, and received training from animal feed and medicines representatives.

Working as a buyer in the clinic Zoodoctor, I have become well-versed in pet products and services. I am familiar with the range of products, know the business processes of the clinic, and know the audience of the industry.

I am not a veterinarian. However, all material on this site is fact-checked through research published on reputable sites and consultation with veterinarians.

The articles on this site are for guidance only. If your pet has a problem, be sure to contact your veterinarian!

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